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Mini Palm stones • Girasol Quartz, Amazonite, Blue Calcite & Hematoid Quartz

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Girasol Quartz bring in the essence of calmness.  Girasol allows you to work quietly and steadily with personal soul truths, bringing that information to the forefront. This new awareness allows you to identify and resolve emotional needs, understand boundaries, and dissipate impulsiveness. 

Blue calcite has a gentle, soothing energy. As it is the colour of the throat chakra, Blue calcite can help you to speak more clearly, and feel less shy. Blue calcite also aids healing, recovery, communication, and the development of psychic powers. Using Blue calcite in meditation will help to open and expand the mind.


Hematiod Quartz is also known as fire Quartz. Hematiod Quartz contains both the amplifing properties of Quartz and the balancing and stabilising properties of hematiod. Highly energetic it can assist in moving removing negativity and also transforming and transmuting the energy. Grounding and stabilising Hematiod Quartz is a really beneficial healing stone


approx 35-40mm