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Grounding crystal kit

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Grounding is essential, helping you to root you into yourself and into the earth. When we are feeling all over the place and too in our heads in so important to ground. Theses crystals will support you in this 

SMOKEY QUARTZ - Helps to centre you and clear negative energies from the environment by grounding them in the Earth

HEMATITE - A powerful stone to. ground and balance, shielding you from any unwanted negative energies

TOURMALINE IN QUARTZ -Restores balance, clears the aura and purifies negative energy to ground you.

SHUNGITE - Shungite helps ground your energies to the earth

RED JASPER - Roots you into your base chakra, to ground and balance you

each crystal may vary in shape size and colour

you will receive 5 crystals, a crystal card and a cotton pouch