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Floral Palo santo with raw moonstone • balance • new beginnings

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Floral Palo Santo with Raw moonstone

Moonstone brings light into your mental and spiritual life, and will help guide you through difficult psychic situations, as well as a unique connection to the divine feminine. By connecting with Rainbow Moonstone, you can release repressed feelings and create a new beginning. Let the calm, cleansing energy of rainbow moonstone wash through your energy. This is a wonderful crystal to incorporate in your new moon and full moon rituals!

Palo santo - Known as ‘Holy Wood’, Palo Santo purifies, cleanses & heals. When the wood is burned it helps to clear negative energy, and restore tranquility and calm. For centuries people have been using palo santo for spiritual purification and energy cleansing

Always sustainably sourced

One of my favourite ways to clear and refresh my space, the  magical aroma that Palo Santo brings is so divine 

you will receive two pieces of Palo Santo - shape and size may vary