Sustainability & Sourcing

Such a complex and vital subject the word 'ethical' is thrown around a lot.

For me ethics is so import because we have to remember that when working with crystals we're working with their energy. These are the tools that will elevate your energy and depending on how they have been sourced and mined will have an impact on their energy. 

I can see and feel when crystals don't feel right, it's like they are in a really deep sleep and need some nurturing and awakening to bring them back again. And I would say that you might have some crystals in your collection that are not consciously minded. BUT I feel like they are with you for a reason and its not a case of not using them or disposing of them its a case of nurturing them and bring the back to life with your energy.

My crystals are hand picked, we have build some great relationships with suppliers that have their own mines and factories, and also some that buy direct from the mines. It's been so such a journey to get to this point to have trusted sources accross the world including Brazil, Argentina, India, South Africa, USA, and the UK too.

For me ethically sourcing is never just about the crystals it's about having minimal destruction to the land, the miners that are hand mining and the local community around the mines and so much more.